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You nipples are probably sore from your partner nibbling, sucking, licking them during sex.

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Q: Im on the pill but didnt use a condom 1 day after my period my nipples are a LITTLE sore period is supposed to b in 2 days could i be pregnant?
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What are the chances that you are pregnant if on mini pill and used condom but having a few pregnant symptoms a month later?

if you used the pill and a condom then I would say there is little chance you are pregnant

Is there a chance you could be pregnant if the condom split?

yesExcellent.Yes you can get pregnant if the condom splits.

Can you get pregnant pouring sperm from a condom in you?

can you get pregnant by pouring sperm from a condom that was used last night in you

Can you still get pregent if we had unprotect sex and then after 5 min later wear a condom?

It is a little too late to put the condom on afterwards. Yes you can get pregnant with unprotected sex.

Can you get you period and still be pregnant if you didn't use a condom?

Your question is unclear but yes you can get pregnant if you don't use a condom. You can get pregnant if you do use a condom. If very rare cases you can have a period when pregnant

What are the chances of getting pregnant with a condom but he was still in when he ejaculated?

Condoms are a good source of contraception if you use them properly, and they do not tear/break. If the condom didn't tear/break then, even if they did ejaculate inside you, there is very little chance you would get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant if you used a condom and sperm didn't come out?

no, because he had a condom on.

Can a girl get pregnant if the condom falls of a guy and goes a little bite in her?

yes, but in a condition if girl in period time,

Can you become pregnant if the semen is at the bottom of the condom?

As long as the semen is contained in the condom and none leaked out, then you should not be pregnant,

Can you get pregnant throw the ass if wearing a small condom?

Yes.If the condom breaks you can.No if the condom does not break.

Can you get pregnant with a 'wrapper' on?

I am assuming that 'wrapper' is slang for condom, and yes, it is still possible to get pregnant with a condom, though it does reduce the chances.

Can you use a condom when you are pregnant?


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