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If he is assuming that you are upset or angry when you are not, then you should talk to him to find out why he is making that assumption, and you should explain to him what is really happening. Misunderstandings, in general, are resolved by communication.

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Q: Im in an open relationship with my ex and sometimes he assumes im upset or angry it makes him take a step back from getting back with me. what can i do to reassure him that im still the girl he loves?
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What can you do save the relationship?

Try getting closer to the person... going out to dinner inviting him/her over to hang out go to the basics that got you in the relationship I also think sometimes you need to decide if the problem is worth fixing. Are you just having trouble in the relationship? Or is there genuinely nothing left? Sometimes people just grow apart..

What does it mean when a guy says he can never get mad at you?

Getting Mad! I'll tell you what it means! The guy is fooling himself, either unconsciously or deliberately. Nobody can stay in a relationship without sometimes getting angry. And if he does not sometimes get angry, then you will really never get to know him. How can anybody go through life without getting angry sometimes. (This is assuming that getting mad really means getting angry.) You can not have a relationship without getting angry sometimes. If we keep all that anger to ourselves and never express it, we get emotionally stunted. Get it out and get it over with. That's part of living. My wife and I have gotten angry at each other for the last 42 years and we're still in love. How can you beat that!

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Why does your ex still randomly text message you once a month?

It's hard when an ex looses someone they used to love. Sometimes they still have a little hope the relationship can work again. And texting is a first start of getting the relationship back on track

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Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. But just so you know, girls don't particularly like rejecting guys.... well at least the kind ones don't, and those are the only ones you should be interested in because the mean ones are just horrible. But yes, sometimes, regrettably, it does. But let me just say, girls love a guy who is sensitive and caring and interested in more than just a physical relationship. =]

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Sometimes you can. Asking your partner to slow down, or telling your partner that you need to slow down sometimes works. If the other person is unwilling to slow down, however, then you reach a point where you either need to go fast, or end the relationship. If the other person won't listen to you or talk about it, then getting out is probably a good option.

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Yes.This mean your relationship is normal and peaceful.

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