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Well, it depends on how he asks if he's like "oh gimme a kiss", then it's probably a casual request so you should just give him a peck on the lips. If he is being serious or romantic then flash him a smile, cup your hand around his neck and pull him in slowly. Eye contact is everything. To make your kiss extra sensuous, pause just before your lips touch. Then kiss away. Make sure to close your eyes! There is nothing worse than the feeling of the other person looking at you when you guys kiss. There's no set way on making out. Just go with the flow. But don't use too much tongue. You are not a puppy dog! :)

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kiss her softly on the lips, dont go straight for the tongue for the first kiss

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Q: If your girlfriend wants to kiss and its your first time how would you kiss or how to kiss?
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What if your girlfriend wants to kiss you what do you do?

Kiss her.

What do you do if a guy wants to kiss you but your not his girlfriend?

ehh kiss him if you like him

Why does a girl kiss on the cheek although she is not your girlfriend?

Because she wants to be your girlfriend.

What do you do if you are too shy to kiss your girlfriend?

when you are to shy to kiss your girlfriend just give it time until the right moment or she wants to kiss you

What does your girlfriend do first if she wants to kiss you?

She will flirt, Stare at your lips, sit really close to you, and lick her lips.

How do you get your girlfriend to kiss your face?

Shouldnt be that hard... just kiss her first and if she wants to shell kiss your cheek/lips or whatever... whats she been kissing that isn't your face?

How should you get your first girlfriend to kiss you?

Don't "get" her to kiss you. Tell her you'd like to kiss her, and if she wants it too, go for it. Otherwise, give her the time she needs until she's ready.

When is the best time to kiss your girlfriend?

The best time is when she wants you to.

What to do if my first kiss wasnt my girlfriend's first kiss?

I wouldn't let the past get the best of me. I would just concentrate on the now. Your girlfriend is with you and you're with her. Know you guys are a blessing to one another.

What if your girlfriend wants to kiss you and if you want to kiss her too what do you do?

If both of you want to kiss, then kiss. I don't even see why you need to ask this. Kiss the girl.

How do you tell if your girlfriend wants you to kiss her?

She's always staring at your mouth.

Why do I want to kiss my girlfriend but at the same time not want to kiss her She wants me to kiss her and she told me?

if you want to kiss her but then you have your doubts then she aint the one brotha