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if you want to kiss her but then you have your doubts then she aint the one brotha

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Q: Why do I want to kiss my girlfriend but at the same time not want to kiss her She wants me to kiss her and she told me?
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What do you do if you are too shy to kiss your girlfriend?

when you are to shy to kiss your girlfriend just give it time until the right moment or she wants to kiss you

How should you get your first girlfriend to kiss you?

Don't "get" her to kiss you. Tell her you'd like to kiss her, and if she wants it too, go for it. Otherwise, give her the time she needs until she's ready.

How can you tell if your girlfriend wants to kiss you?

take her for a test drive and find out or you could just go round her house watch some dvds and chill out and when you think its time kiss her.

If a guy kiss you on the neck?

He wants to see your reation. Act sexy and not interstead at the same time.

Your girlfriend wants you to kiss her but how do you do it?

Its hard, very very hard, i took time to do it, believe me, when you do it you will feel very good with yourself. You have to be calm, don't think in that(the kiss) it is easier if you do it in a party or else, spend some time with her, then when you're both ín mood kiss her

You are gay your girlfriend wants to get married but she dont understand she needs to clean and do stuff around the house how can you get her too?

have fun with her all the time kiss her and make her understand

How do I know my girlfriend wants to kiss me for the first time?

If your alone and she keeps looking at you and smiling. But you never can be completely sure. You are the one that knows her the best so do what feels right.

When is a good time to ask your girlfriend if you can kiss her?

Um, I dont really think you need to will know when the time is right. You will be able to tell if she Wants you to kiss her if she twitches her lips, looks at your lips, or when you take her home, she doesnt leave when you say good-bye...

When is it the right time to kiss your girlfriend?

your alone with her where no one a can see

How do you make him kiss you?

You cannot make him kiss you! if he likes you and wants to kiss you then in time when he and you are ready let it click on its own

How to know your gf only wants you?

You know your girlfriend wants you when she is affectionate with you, wants to spend time with you, and loves you.

Is your ex boyfriend like you even if he has a new girlfriend but he still invite you out?

yea my x does that same game i hate it but at the same time i am like ha he is with you but wants me!