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Two pills can vary upon how long you are high. I depends on the stack or the strength of the pills u take.

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Q: If you take 2 Ecstasy pills how long is the effect?
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How many ecstasy pills it take to equal an ounce?

you dont buy ex pills in ounces

What happens if you take 20 ecstasy pills at one time?

you would probably die

How many can you take before you over dose on ecstasy pills?

it all depends on you as a person.

Never took ecstasy. I am a female that weighs 90lbs. Can I take 4 pills at once or could I die right away from that much?

People don't die from taking ecstasy. They die from being dehydrated while on ecstasy. As long as you keep fluids in your system, you should be fine. Although 4 pills seems like a lot, take 2, and save the other 2 for another day.

Can you take ecstasy?

Ecstasy is almost always swallowed in 60 to 120 mg pills. It is frequently snorted or taken in a liquid form through injection.

How many ecstasy pills you need to roll?

One is all it takes. If you take more it will only increase your roll.

Can taking ecstasy pills stop you from having kids in the future?

Yes it can. when you take that it can destroy part of you sex organs

Is there a legal type of ecstasy?

No there is not, but u can take dxm (dextromethorphan) It's rave name is skittles. It is found in common drugs such as Robitussin (the pills not the liquid) if you take about 150- 300 mg to get a good trip. but they bad thing is that the effect is actually a partial overdose its more dangerous than ecstasy so be cautious while using it.

What effect did pills have on Jonas and the other people who took them?

The effect is that whenever they take the pills they forget a little memory of them like colors.

How long does it take for an ecstasy pill to hit you?

As long as it takes for you to feel happy :-)

Long-term effects of ecstasy?

Matters how much you take and how often it will effect by short term memory and will mess up your sarotonin levels making you feel depressed

What is the effect of taking cyclenorm E and P during pregnancywithin first 45 days Will taking these pills lead to an abortion will it in any way effect future plans to get pregnantPlease reply?

No effect at all. They are birth control pills and as long as oyu take them you cannot get pregnant. When you stop you can.