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No. Having a crroked pinky means you, most likely need medical treatment.

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Q: If you have a crooked pinky on your hand does that mean your smart?
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Does Kameron mean loves and is smart?

Kameron means crooked nose

What does kamryn mean?

crooked nose and crooked mouth

What does a ring on a man's left ring finger mean?

If the ring is on the left hand, the finger next to the pinky, that usually indicates that he is married.

What does pinky finger mean in Chinese?

Supposedly, it is to them what one would think of the middle finger in the United States... a vulgar hand gesture.

What does this hand signal mean- pointer and pinky are extended but other fingers are not?

The hand signal you described with the pointer and pinky extended is commonly associated with the "rock on" hand gesture, often used to symbolize rock music, concerts, or expressing excitement and positivity.

Who do you say play in ASL?

You put your pinky and thumb up on the same hand and twist ur hand from side to side. Kinda like surfers would do to mean narly or wickedd.

What does crooked mean in afrikaans?


What does hanky pinky mean in barbie girl?

Its called hanky panky, and it is a hand game It refers to physical intimacy, and can range from "making out" up to sexual intercourse.

What does it means when you have a little mole on your right pinky toe?

what does it mean to have a mole on your right pinky finger

What does the word Cuyahoga mean?

Crooked river

What does the shocker hand sign mean?

Also known as two in the pink one in the stink, it is a hand gesture with sexual connotations. Suggesting two fingers (index, middle) inserted in the woman's vagina and a "shocker"(pinky) inserted in the anus.

What does Crumlin mean?

From the Irish Cromghlinn - crooked glen.