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It is highly unlikely but is possible. If you are worried then on the day your normal period is due take a HPT.

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Q: If you get your periods after taking contraceptive pill is there any chance of pregnancy after that?
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Can taking i-pill between primount N medication will delay periods When later is taken to cure the problen of irregular periods What are the chance of pregnancy?

When the i pill is used, it can delay the periods and the chances of pregnancy are low.

If you taking the contraceptive Levlen Ed and you skip the non-hormonal tablets 3-4 times to miss several periods and only take the hormonal tablets can you get pregnant?

Skipping the placebo pills does not increase your risk of pregnancy.

Chances of getting pregnant after taking contraceptive pills?

. I believe they say the contraceptive pill is effective 97%-99%, so that would give a 1%-3% chance of getting pregnant.

Can you take 5 packets of the contraceptive pill in a row?

Yes, you can skip your period indefinitely by taking five packs of birth control pills in a row, but you may experience irregular bleeding. Skipping periods does not increase the risk of pregnancy or problems with the uterine lining.

How long do you need to wait after sex to have your period when taking the contraceptive pill?

Usually you have your period at specific times when taking birth control. If you have concerns, take a pregnancy test.

How effective is taking ortho tricyclin and Effexor at the same time and will you get pregnant?

Hi, I am not familiar with Effexor but Ortho Tricyclin is a contraceptive and like all other contraceptives, it isn't 100% effective at preventing pregnancy. So there may be a possibilty you can become pregnant. Best thing to do is use a condom. No chance of pregnancy then.

If you miss your period would you have a better chance of bleeding during pregnancy rather than if you didnt miss it would you have more blood for the more missed periods my fiance dont get periods?

Your Fiance is either already pregnate or she is taking some type of birth control.

Do antidepressents like prozac drugs alcohol or anything else have any affect on the pill also when does it start working as a contraceptive?

Yes, alcohol may effect you if you are taking prozac. Prozac is not a contraceptive and will never prevent pregnancy.

Will taking antibiotics while having an IUD increase the chance of pregnancy?


Had intercuse monday and left my pill half way through on wednesday is there any chance to get pregnant?

If you stopped taking pills halfway there are chances that your periods have delayed or you are pregnant. I advice you to take a pregnancy test to clear your doubts.

Can you end a pregnancy after taking two iron tablets from the contraceptive pill after eleven hours after sex?

Birth control pills and/or iron tablets do not cause abortion.

Can you drink while taking contraceptive pills?

you die