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Turn into the oncoming traffic lane. The bright headlights and horns will keep you awake.

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Pull over and rest in area safe to do so

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Q: If you become sleepy while driving what is the best thing to do?
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What should you do if you are driving and become sleepy?

I will stop for a while and wash my eyes and take a rest and then i will continue my driving

What should you do when you feel sleepy while driving?

If you are feeling sleepy while driving, you should pull over as soon as it is safe to do so.

Why do some people tend to get sleepy while driving?

Some people get sleepy while driving due to fatigue, monotonous or long drives, or not getting enough sleep. The sedentary nature of driving can also contribute to drowsiness. It is important to take breaks, stay well-rested, and avoid driving during times when you are usually tired.

Why do you yawn when you are sleepy or drowsy?

while sleepy CO2 accumulation increase and to get rid of it we yawn.

What is A safe thing to do while driving on long straight stretches of highway on a sunny day is?

A safe thing to do while driving on long, straight stretches of highway on a sunny day?

Are DWI and DUI the same thing in Texas?

It is basically the same thing, every state is a little different, but basically Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving While Intoxicated (DWI), and Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) are generally all the same thing with similar punishments.

Who will be involved in texting while driving?

Hopefully nobody, it is an extremely stupid and dangerous thing to do

If your car catches on fire while driving the first thing you should do is .?

Pull over

What are some numbers for texting while driving?

Numbers that one person would text are not numbers that another would. They are specific to individuals. With that said, texting while driving is not a wise thing to do.

What should you do while car driving?

Before driving a car first thing you do is to check its engine. Then while driving gives your 101% attention to avoid accident. Follow the traffic lights.

CanTaking bupropion make me sleepy while driving?

That is unlikely because bupropion is a stimulating medication. It does not reuptake serotonin. I use this med. and on my bottle it doesn't even say may cause drowsiness.

If you become fatigued while driving the best countermeasure for fatigue is?

Pull over and stop to rest.