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I will stop for a while and wash my eyes and take a rest and then i will continue my driving

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Q: What should you do if you are driving and become sleepy?
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What should you do when you feel sleepy while driving?

If you are feeling sleepy while driving, you should pull over as soon as it is safe to do so.

What should you do if you feel sleepy when driving?

drink coffee or energy drink

If you start to feel sleepy when driving you should?

Stop, get out on your car and do stretching for at least five minutes.

What is correct verb form in sentence i have become or became sleepy?

The correct verb form in the sentence is "have become sleepy." This form indicates a current state of being sleepy that has developed over time.

What is the golden of driving?

It is do not drink and drive, or drive when feeling sleepy.

What is the golden rules of driving?

It is do not drink and drive, or drive when feeling sleepy.

If you become sleepy while driving what is the best thing to do?

Turn into the oncoming traffic lane. The bright headlights and horns will keep you awake.

What is effect of alchol?

the effect of alchol is: it makes you sleepy tiered when you are driving it makes your vision blurry and it and it also slows your reaction time when driving :]!

What is it called when you hit your head and become sleepy for a couple for days?

A concussion

What should you do when you feel sleepy when driving?

Pull over and SLEEP!! just kiddding. i don't know, shake ur head so u can boggle ur mind and hit ur self

Why do some people tend to get sleepy while driving?

Some people get sleepy while driving due to fatigue, monotonous or long drives, or not getting enough sleep. The sedentary nature of driving can also contribute to drowsiness. It is important to take breaks, stay well-rested, and avoid driving during times when you are usually tired.

Why do pain pills make you sleepy?

It does make you sleepy and to make it not sleepy you first should have some moody bread (just a little) then drink some water then go to sleep and see what happens