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If your ex girl friend ignores u it may mean she feels awkward when she talks to you or sees you. She could also be mad at you because of the break-up . . .i wouldn't waste my time on someone who ignores me so u shouldn't either . . .unless u want this to stop you should confront her and tell her how u feel.

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Q: If an ex girlfriend trys ignoring you what does that mean?
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Does being close friends with your ex girlfriends best friend while ignoring your ex girlfriend make your ex girlfriend jealous or mad?

In some cases yes, being close friends with your ex girlfriend's best friend can certainly make her jealous or mad. She may just be mad because you are ignoring her in conversations and may think you are rude. If she seems sad or makes sarcastic remarks to you then she's mad.

What does it mean when your ex-girlfriend who you dumped and broke her heart is now ignoring you with complete indifference and is wearing new jewelry?

It means she has gotten her life together, built up her self-esteem and moved on, hooray for her!

What are the signs that your ex is over you or not when he has a girlfriend is he over me if he trys to talk to me my family and saying things like it was gd to c u again?

If he has a new girlfriend, he's probably over you and just wants to be friends again.

What does it mean that an ex girlfriend's father died?

It can mean something or nothing to you. It all depends if you and your ex girlfriends father were close or if you and your ex girlfriend were close and you just want to be there for support. If not then it shouldn't really matter to you.

What does it mean to dream of reconciliation with an ex girlfriend?

That you have not yet moved on.

If your girlfriend says i love you baby to an ex doesnt it mean she is still in love with him?

Saying you love your ex does not mean you are in love with him.

What does the term EX mean in England?

EX is "Former girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband etc"

What does it mean when your ex say mean things about you?

they're trying to make you feel bad. make your life bad. Ignoring them will help

What do you call someone you date after a breakup?

If you mean by you dated someone, then broke up it's ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend or just ex. If you mean you dated someone, broke up, and then started dating again its girlfriend or boyfriend.

When you text the ex that you are mad ex having a girlfriend the day after bad break up-The ex texted that he still has not girlfriend-does it mean that he still like you?

Meet up and discuss things.

What does it mean when your ex kisses you and he has a girlfriend?

It means that he obuslivly likes you more than he likes his new girlfriend.

What does exe mean when your talking to a friend?

it means someone you went out with that your not with anymore. ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend..