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If that's how far your looking to find the love in the relationship, its likely that it might not be there. Dont forget that hes MARRIED. If he ever was to leave his wife for you whats to stop him doing the same to you as his former wife? Walk away from this. Adultery is never the way to go because it always ends in tears. Just face up to it that even though there may be a chance that he loves you theres nothing to say that it will last. Sometimesthe best option is to go, in the long run it may save you alot of pain. Good luck Anita xxxxx

AnswerHe probably does love her. Unfortunately, unless he divorces his wife, he cannot ever give himself to her 100%. It is sad that he would cheat on his wife (even if she is the cause), he should have the courtesy to give her a divorce and let her find someone who deserves her. Also, a mistress should kick this cheating guy to the curb, if he cheats on his wife....he will cheat on her eventually (when she gets boring to him).
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Definitely he can. If his wife is not perfect and something is missing with their marriage, this married man will unfortunately wish that he can find that woman that have the qualities his missing that his wife never have. God never made us perfect, but certainly men dream to have the woman that has everything he wanted for a wife.

I say this because of my experience, since I was little I always thought that some where out there I will meet the man that will love me for who I am. I thought I did but I was mistaken. I'm not a perfect person or a wife so what I had dreamed of wasn't true or real. With this details, it all about survival and if we can't, our life will not be the same anymore. I'm not the only wife that has this heartfelt, there's a lot out there like me. And believe me if and when you found out that your spouse didn't have a problem falling in love with his mistress, your relationship will not be the same anymore....

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Q: If a married man takes his mistress to meet his parents is that a sign that he loves her?
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Why do married men take their mistresses for drinks?

even though a married man should not cheat on his wife, that does happen! So, he takes his mistress for drink so that they have a nice time.

How do you believe a married man that cheats on his wife and says he loves you?

forgiveness, and healing. It takes time. Love him harder.

What would make a married man jealous over his ex mistress?

Actually this married man don't have the rights to get jealous over his ex mistress. he knew that he made her as his part time lover. But if he fell in love with the other woman, and knowing she is dating another man, he will be wondering if his ex mistress is doing what she did towards him to this new man. But over all this married man or the ex mistress doesn't have the rights to feel that way towards each others.AnswerTrying to work this angle takes behavior from ridiculous to sublime. Married people have the best lives if they maintain their relationship exclusively. A mistress would most likely become problematic to a marriage as the relationship passes from the initial infatuation to consideration of something permanent. However, a man who cheats once will do so again, so getting him back can be painful since you will lose him again.

How do you know when its love or he loves you?

You know when he loves you when he takes care of you, and always there for you.

Can a 16 year who has a baby get married?

yes a 16 yr old can get married. in most cases it takes the parents consent, but highly depends on what state the 16 yr old is located. some states allow it w/out both parents consent.

Do wife has the right to tell the husband that his mistress needs to apologize for what she did?

I takes 2 to tango. Forget the mistress and concern yourself with your marriage and why your husband is sleeping around.

Can you legally object to a sixteen year old getting married?

It takes parental consent to marry at 16 so if the parents agree to it, there is nothing you can do.

Is it unfair to the wife if her husband takes his mistress to places where she wants to go?

I would consider the fact that he has a Mistress is "unfair to the Wife" in general, anything else on top of that is just

How does nick meet toms mistress?

tom takes nick to meet her. i <3 this story

What is the difference between a wife and a mistress to a married man?

ANSWER: A wife is the women the guy is married too. A man cannot have a mistress if he does not have a wife. A mistress is basically the women the guy is having an affair with. So its the women he is cheating on his wife with. ANSWER: The difference between a wife to a mistress is such over kill and we never really know until it happens to us personally. What or WHO is a wife?.. a wife is the one that takes care of the house, including cooking, washing, cleaning, buying groceries, making things comfortable in the house while the husband is working. A wife is the one that solve simple little problem so the husband will not deal with it. A wife is the person that always make sure her husband will get some sleep or rest after working hard. A wife is the person who always make sure that the husbands needs is always meet. A wife is the person who will wait for her husband until he gets home safe. And a wife is the person that always pray so her husband will be safe from harm when his not with her. What is or who is the mistress?..A mistress is the person that will give all the time for this married man. She is the one that will do anything to make him happy because the wife is to busy to do it for the husband. A mistress is the lucky one because she is the one that finds out this married man has a lot of more to offer when it comes to intimacy. A mistress is the one that will not wash his dirty clothes, hear him snore at night, will not sweat cooking his favorite meal. A mistress is the one that will know how his day at work and how he look forward seeing her. I think this is the difference when it comes to who is a wife and who is a mistress.

What age can you quit using your parents income for financial aid?

Your parents income is no longer looked at if you turn 25, join the military (active duty), get married and/or have a child that takes more than 50% of your income.

What can one parent do to the other if they are still legally married and the other parent takes the children and leaves state without the other parents permission?

sue probably