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Actually this married man don't have the rights to get jealous over his ex mistress. he knew that he made her as his part time lover. But if he fell in love with the other woman, and knowing she is dating another man, he will be wondering if his ex mistress is doing what she did towards him to this new man. But over all this married man or the ex mistress doesn't have the rights to feel that way towards each others.


Trying to work this angle takes behavior from ridiculous to sublime. Married people have the best lives if they maintain their relationship exclusively. A mistress would most likely become problematic to a marriage as the relationship passes from the initial infatuation to consideration of something permanent. However, a man who cheats once will do so again, so getting him back can be painful since you will lose him again.

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Q: What would make a married man jealous over his ex mistress?
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Would a guy care if his mistress date other men?

He certainly will if he really loves his mistress, or if he feels inferior for some reason. Why? Because it would make him jealous.

Would a married man get jealous of his ex mistress if he sees his friends talking to her or any guy for that matter?

yes he would cause he still loves her and he wouldn't like any guy talking to her because it makes him angry to see you or anyone other woman talking to a man so of course it would make him jealous hope this helps you

What would make a married man think of his ex mistress?

The only thing I can think of for a married man to think of his ex mistress is if he fell in love with her and he don't love his wife anymore, got spoiled on everything from her. And maybe his ex mistress is good in bed, not like his wife just doing the same old thing.

Why do married women chase other married men?

To make u jealous

Would a married man not talk to his ex mistress like he use to just so he wouldn't get tempted to cheat again?

Or maybe it is to make his wife think nothing is going on - or he has replaced the mistress with a new one.

Does a married man often lets down his mistress?

Yes, married men can often let their mistress down as they are often bound to their families and their family will come first and the mistress will be the last on the food chain of life. Men often have a mistress to gain their youth back; sex is at the forefront and romance is heated for a short time, but as the relationship with the mistress persists some married men will become bored with her or, if the wife finds out and threatens to divorce him, married men often choose to let the mistress go and they stay with the wife.

Is the man love you if he only want is to make love to you even if he is married?

No. If he loved you he would leave his wife. Now he might be infatuated but only wants you as his mistress. Tell him he can call you after the divorce.

What does it mean if a married man never talks about his wife to his mistress?

I never heard a married man talk about his wife to his mitress. I think the reason why he end up having an affair is for him not to think, talk, or even look at his wife. The only way that married man will talk about his wife to his mistress is when he want her to feel sorry for him or maybe to make sure that his mistress will think that his wife is not a good wife and then some.

Would it make another guy jealous if you went out with another guy?

That depends on the guy. Some are jealous, some are not.

If a guy likes you then why would he get with another girl to make you jealous?

You answered it yourself. He got with the other girl to make you jealous. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

Can you have single friends when your married?

I believe so but dont be friends with a single person who will make the husband/wife jealous.

What would make a married man start to look at his ex mistress more when he has been avoiding her for 4 mths does that mean he wants to talk to her again?

The fact that he loves her. Plain & simple. It will never change.