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It can be. An unhealthy man may sometimes have unhealthy semen. If a man has an STD, it can be spread through his semen.

Of course, if you are having sex with a man, and you are the least bit uncertain of his health or whether he is carrying something, then make sure you use a condom if you have sex at all.

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Q: If a man is sick is his semen sick?
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How come boys semen smells so good?

If your semen smells nice, your sick. Semen smells like a sort of bleach.

How Much Semen Does A Man Hold?

the average man has around 3 tablespoons of semen he can ejaculate.

How can you know that a man is not able to produce a child?

The man's semen can be analyzed in a lab to see the viability of his semen.

What does it mean if you are a women and your semen is clear?

Well If youre a woman you should not have any semen. so if you have semen you are a man.

Sterile man get a woman pregnant?

Not with his own semen. Though if he came into contact with another man's semen (having sex with another man or even a woman who recently had sex), then the "foreign" semen could impregnate the woman.

Could your husband be sick if his semen has offensive smell?

Of course he could be sick, but does he seem sick? What does the doctor say? Does he eat junk food: garbage in, stink out.

Will swallowing a man's semen make him more connected with a female?

No, swallowing a man's semen will not have any medical effect on the couple's connection.

When is semen made?

I semen made through the day or only when a man is to reach orgasm?

Is it normal for a 44 year old man to have clear sperm?

You mean 'Semen', not sperm. Sperm are invisible and semen is the liquid that carries sperm cells out of the man's body. Yes, clear semen is normal. So is white, cloudy semen.

Do girls love man's semen?

Yes, most girls do love a man's semen. It is not the best tasting stuff, but knowing they are pleasuring the man makes it all worthwhile.

When was Man Is Sick created?

Man Is Sick was created in 2010.

When does a semen comes out?

A man releases semen when he reaches orgasm after sexual activity (including masturbation).