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Yes! or he is surprised that you are going to such a place. Best thing to know if a guy likes you is to say Hi to him the next you see him. if he is interested in you it show itself at that time. Good luck.

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Q: If a guy looks shocked if he sees you somewhere does it mean he likes you?
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If a guy looks at you does it mean he likes you?

He likes your looks, that's for sure. Sees your sex appeal.

If you fell in love with a girl but she stares at you does this mean she likes me back?

Depending how she looks at you. And if she looks at you dreamly then she likes you.

Why he doesn't looks at you when talking And why he looks at you when you are looking somewhere else Does he likes you?

definitely possible, someone who likes you might be nervous to make eye contact, or is scared to look at you while your looking at them. but it could also mean that their just really shy, but most likely, their just nervous.

If he looks at you and then looks away nervously does it mean he likes you?

yess. :]] good luck =)

What does it mean when the Boy You Like is shocked if he knows you like him?

he likes you too and hes really happy you like him

If a girl looks at you does it mean she likes you?

Just because she looks at you doesn't mean she likes you. It depends on whether she talks, smiles, laughs or flirts. All girls are different.

If a boy looks at you does it mean that he likes you?

If a boy looks at you it usally means he thinks you are cute, and if he thinks you are cute most likely he likes you.

If an ugly guy likes you does it mean you're ugly?

No, it does not mean you are ugly. It simply means that someone likes you regardless of his looks. If you feel strongly for this person, looks should not matter.

What does it mean when a girl you like is with her friends and she looks at you?

she probobly likes you

What does it mean if a guys tells a girl she is gorgeous?

He likes your looks.

What does it mean when a girl acts flustered and looks away when a particular guy looks at her?

it means she likes him

If a guy you like bother looks at you a lot does it mean he knows he likes me or something?

OK if he looks at you a lot then he likes you a lot of boys are to shy to go up to people so he likes you?