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Not necessarily. It depends upon the person. Some people never blush, and it has little to do with their true feelings.

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2005-11-17 15:50:17
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Q: If a guy likes you will he blush when he is around you?
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How do you know if a guy likes you but as a friend?

he wont blush around you or be shy around you.

If you saw a girl blush a lot does that mean she likes the guy?

Girls tend to blush around guys they like.

What does it mean when all girls blush around only one guy?

The girl likes that guy or finds him attractive.

What to say to a guy after he says he likes you?

Blush.. :3 .. (blush face) .. lol, then tell him how you feel

How do you know if a guy likes a girl?

he will blush around her give her his perfict smile to her or be shy around her. if he dose not do that then he doesn't our he dose something else to let the girl know that he likes her.

Why does a guy blush when he is talking to a girl?

Probably because he likes that girl...

What does it mean if a guy does things that make you blush and he says that he only does it to see your expression and that he likes it?

he likes you

What does it mean if all girls blush dark red with only one super nerdy guy?

that means that she likes him or is attracted to him in some way bcuz girls almost 98.9% of the time usually blush around a guy when she is interested in him. I should know cuz im a girl and i always blush ALOT when im around a guy that i like ;)

How can you tell how much a guy likes you if you know if he likes you but you don't know if he likes you enough to ask you out?

if he likes you enough he'll proubly blush alot and be shy around you or give you his perfect smile of his any time he comes around you.

What does it mean if a guy said he likes a girl and then starts to blush?

Then he likes the girl a lot, and wants to get to know her.

how can i see if my crush likes me?

you can do something my friends call the blush test you go up to the guy you like nd say hi in like a flirty voice and if he likes you he will blush

Why would a guy smile and blush once he finds out a girl likes him?

because he is happy

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