How not to blush around the guy you like?

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Just try to smile

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Q: How not to blush around the guy you like?
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Related questions

If you saw a girl blush a lot does that mean she likes the guy?

Girls tend to blush around guys they like.

What does it mean if all girls blush dark red with only one super nerdy guy?

that means that she likes him or is attracted to him in some way bcuz girls almost 98.9% of the time usually blush around a guy when she is interested in him. I should know cuz im a girl and i always blush ALOT when im around a guy that i like ;)

How do you know if a guy likes you but as a friend?

he wont blush around you or be shy around you.

Why is that guy blush when there is girl next to them?

Did it occur to you that guy could like that girl

Why does your heart start beating fast when you see the guy you like?

Because you are getting nervous around them. You also probably blush and get sweaty when your around them.

How do you know when a guy wants to be more than friends?

well they guy will blush and be more shy around you.

If a guy likes you will he blush when he is around you?

Not necessarily. It depends upon the person. Some people never blush, and it has little to do with their true feelings.

What does it mean when you blush?

Blush means when you are with the girl/guy you like and you say something to them it makes them turn red. This means they like you. And when you get embarassed by other things

What does it mean when all girls blush around only one guy?

The girl likes that guy or finds him attractive.

What do you do when you blush like crazy when a guy talks to you and then your friends make a big deal about it and then you blush even more?

i would tell them something that makes them blush then act like it never happened. stay confident

How do you be cute yet a little shy when going out with a guy?

stutter a little when around him, or blush a crapload

What does it mean when girls blush around only one guy?

She finds him attractive, most likely.

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