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Yes, or you are really close friends


Or he is just trying to get you in bed. Don't fall for it.

most likely not....hes trying to get in your pants so be careful.....if u dont talk dirty to him he may not even text/talk u anymore

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no!! means that hes gay or he wants to get your attention to be with you..or for you to notice him :))

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Q: If a guy likes to talk dirty does that mean he like you?
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When a friend says you are fun to talk to does it mean that he likes you?

Yes they like you.

What do girls want to talk about?

it depends what you mean by it, if you mean what would they like to talk about with you, then it depends on what she likes. for e.g, music. if you mean what do they talk about when they're together; boys. :)

Does guy like when girls talk dirty?

you should talk dirty and find out.....stupid

What does it mean if a boy says he will talk to you if you talk to him?

that he likes you

What does that mean if the guy you like knows you like him and he wants you to know he likes you too?

It obviously means that he likes you. If you like him, then maybe its time for a relationship. Talk about it:) Good luck:]]]]

What if you like a girl and she keeps discreetly eyeing you in French class does that mean she likes me?

It could mean that she likes you. But the best way to find out is to talk to her honestly, and ask her.

Does it mean the guy you like likes you if his friend pushes him to you and or tells him to talk to you?

No it means he's friend likes u or he's nervous

If a boy doesnt talk to you but makes you laugh every time does it mean he likes you?

No. It means you like him.

What does it mean when someone likes to talk to you a lot?

They fell comfortable around you. Or they like you... Or your just the only person who hasn't said "shut up". It really just depends on the person.

What does that mean if the guy you like stands next to you facing you and keeps looking at you as you talk to your friend?

He likes you!!!!!! EDIT: He likes you . If you do that He would think your shy to talk to him, and he would think that's really cute

What does it mean if a boy wants to sit by you a lot?

Well, it depends. Does he like you? If he does, that's probably why. If he doesn't, he either needs to talk with you, likes your company, or just likes you as a friend and wants you to stay with him.

What does it mean when the guy you like calls you his best friend when you don't talk to each other?

It means he likes you.