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He likes you!!!!!!

EDIT: He likes you . If you do that He would think your shy to talk to him, and he would think that's really cute

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Q: What does that mean if the guy you like stands next to you facing you and keeps looking at you as you talk to your friend?
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What does that mean if the guy you like stands next to you to ask a teacher question then the teacher leaves and he stays where he is and faces you and keeps looking at you as you talk to your friend?

He wants to get closer to you. He likes you.

What does it mean when a guy friend keeps looking at you and asking if you're okay or not?

It could be that he has a crush on you, or he could be just showing concern as a friend if you are looking a bit down.

Does Obama like Beyonce?

My friend says that Obama invites Beyonce to dinners. Obama keeps on looking at her.

What do you do if when you are talking to a boy that is your best friend keeps looking at your boobs?

if a boy keeps looking at your breasts you should either ask why or you should date him or you should smack him.answer smile naughtily and give him a feel

What does it mean when a guys keeps looking at you when hes kissing his his friend?

He's more into you than the person he's making out with.

If a baseball bat goes into the stands in a game who keeps the bat?

The person in the stands does.

How do you you know the guy likes you?

If he talks to you all the time, or really funny, stands up for youThe Biggest one if he keeps looking at you all the time!

What does that mean if a guy keeps looking at you from afar as you keep laughing with your friend and then laughs very loudly for no reason?

hes a dumb a** and hes trying to get attention

How do you know when a girl like you but keeping it cool?

She keeps looking at you when your not looking.

If a girl keeps smiling at you staring at you and trying to start conversations with you does it mean she likes you?

Probably but make sure she's not looking at your cute friend or seat buddy.

What does that mean if the guy you like hugs his friend who's a girl and keeps looking at you?

that means that he is intrested in you and hugs his girlfriend till he says bye and gets together with you

When a guy is talking to a friend and he notices a girl sitting near him and he knows she's listening but he keeps looking at her does that mean anything?

he thinks ur a creep... SORRY

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