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No, but you may find it less comfortable.

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Q: If a guy goes down on you and you have an uti can he get sick from that?
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If you had a uti and your husband went down on you What would happen to him?

What's a uti?

What does it mean when a guy has blood spots in there boxers?

He has a uti?

What are the 5 main symptoms of a UTI?

Pain when urinating is the biggest one. If it feels like shards of glass are sliding down your urethra when you pee, you've got a UTI.

Should you call in sick if you have a UTI and need to go to the doctor?

Yes, because a UTI can spread to your kidneys and could put in the hospital. It is nothing to fool around with it is a medical issue that needs an antibiotic. Like I said you could end up in the hospital and that is not fun.

What if i have blood stained in 7 months pregnancy and associate urinary tract infection Is this the sign of miscarriage?

UTI is not a sign of miscarriage but if it goes untreated it can cause one. The blood can also come from the UTI. See a doctor ASAP.

Can you get UTI from food?

No, you can't get UTI from food.

I have two cats one has urinary tract infection now can the other cat contract UTI from the sick cat by sharing the litter or eating the same bowl of food?

No it can't only if the cat with UTI urinates on the other cat. So it should be fine with sharing the same food and litter

I have severe nausea everyday usually in the mornings. NOT pregnant. I do have a uti and am taking mylan 3422. When and how will it stop?

I am currently getting over a uti where i had severe nausea in the mornings and very high fevers. I've been sick with this for over a week now, and I just started Bactrim 4 days ago and my status has really improved. Just give it some time and drink plenty of water, and eat saltines when you feel sick!

Is it 'an UTI' or 'a UTI'?

Answer"An UTI". "A UTI" is grammatically incorrect.AnswerAlthough this would normally be the case, because the U makes a 'yuh' sound, 'an' would actually be used rather than 'a'.

Can you be pregnant if you have a uti?

yes you can have a uti during pregnancy

Can you get a uti from kissing someone?

no you can not get the uti from kissing anyone

Why is it that you often urinate during cold days?

If you mean that it hurts to urinate when you have a cold, then this doesn't make sense. The genitourinary tract is separate from the systems that are affected when you have a cold. A UTI, which is an infection of the urinary tract, develops when bacteria enters and goes into your ureters as well as your bladder. A cold does not cause this to happen. My guess is that you have a UTI coincidentally at the same time that you have a cold. You may be more apt to develop a UTI if your immune system is suppressed, which it is slightly when you have a cold. This could be the link that makes you have a UTI and a cold at the same time. If you do have a UTI you need to be put on antibiotic therapy as soon as possible. A cold can clear on its own, a UTI cannot.