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Ich liebe Dich vom ganzen Herzen

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This phrase is normally used in a passionate way discribing how much someone loves the other person and like they love the preson more then being alive.

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Q: I love you more than life itself?
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I love you more than my life

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Finding your passion and purpose in life is more important than life itself. because if life itself, feels like hell than you think it's better off dead.

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Spanish. Something along the lines of 'I love him more than anything' or 'I love him more than the world'.

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I love you more than love itself

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What is 'I love you more than life' when translated from English to Italian?

Ti amo più della vita is a literal Italian equivalent of the English phrase "I love you more than life." The pronunciation of the declarative statement -- which translates literally as "I love you more than the life" -- will be "tee A-mo pyoo DEL-la VEE-ta" in Italian.

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