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" i love you more than anything,, you are my life"

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Q: What sweet word can you tell her in bed?
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How do you make a sweet potato bed?

that would be gross so i can't tell you sorry

When do you tell someone sweet dreams?

The term, "Sweet Dreams" is used when somebody is going to bed. You are telling them to have good dreams while they sleep. This is usually said to someone close or related to the speaker.

Why is fat ladies sweet on bed?

The higher rate of metabolism is the reason why the fat ladies sweet on bed. The fat ladies usually sweat in bed because they have a higher rate of metabolism.

Why did the baby sweet potato sleep in?

A bed

How can you take a massage to Johnny Depp?

Drink some hot milk then get under the blnket on ur bed n sweet dreams.... In the mornin tell us how it was to massage johnny!!

Sweet word with the letter C?

A sweet word is cornball.

What is a better word for sweet?

A better word for "sweet" is "sugary."

What is the word for bed in Japanese?

ベッド is the word for bed. I googled it.

Big word for the word sweet?

The biggest possible word I can think of for sweet is sacchariferous

What is the Kikuyu word for the English word bed?

Gitanda is the Kikuyu word for the English word bed.

What is the Abaluhya word for bed?

The Abaluhya (Luhya) word for the English word 'bed' is "eshitandaa".

What should you do to take your girl lie on your bed?

tell her its her bed