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Well you have 3 options:

a) If you are good friends and you think he might have some feelings for you confess that youu like him and more than likely he'll say he likes you back.

b) This is a bad option which I don't recommend, use only if you're desperate. You could try to sabotage their relationship by making him cheat on his girlfriend and spreading rumours, but again, I advise against this.

c) Wait and see how the relationship goes and tell him afterwards how you feel. If it is serious, then I wouldn't want to regret never telling him.

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Q: I love this boy but he is going out with someone else I have had a big crush on him since grade 2 What do I do?
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What do you do when your friend's friend likes your friend's crush and now your friend's friend is going out with the crush but the crush has been your good guy friend since first grade?

Good question, if he really loves her u just have to get over it and find another hot guy don't worry, sooner or later you'll meet someone, it's ok

My best friend is a guy. I've known him since 1st grade and I've been best friends with him since 5th grade. We've had a crush on each other since 3rd grade. Is it bad that he is my best friend?

Of course not.

What should you do if you think you love someone but he thinks your just a friend and you're just a preteen?

Well, I was in 6th grade I had a best friend and I had liked him since 3rd grade! And we had been friends since 4th grade. I just waited and in November of 6th grade he admitted that he had liked me since 3rd grade. And he asked me out. You just have to be their friend. Because they will eventually love you back! I had 4 friends that are guys and it had been rumored that all 3 had a crush on me! Just be his friend and get to know him! I've known my boyfriend since 1st grade! (he is the same one from 6th grade)

What do you do to tell a guy you've had a crush on him since 3rd grade and he is dating someone else and you do not want to ruin the friendship?

He's dating someone, try waiting until they break up or things will definitely be weird between you two.

Is it weird to like a girl since 2th grade to seventh grade?

No I've liked someone since 7th grade up to 10th grade.. and who knows for how much longer

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How do you get over a 5th grade crush that you've had since 1st grade when you move away?

stay in touch with the person you had a crush through e-mail and on your phone. over time you will get over the crush as you meet new people even though you may feel otherwise. if you still know you have a crush on this person think about having a long distance relationship

I have a crush on a middle schooler. He's in 7th grade and I'm a freshman. We started talking more this year but when I told him that I liked someone and he hasn't talked to me since. What's happened?

well maybe he is scared to talk to you since you are freshman and he is in middle school there is kinda an age difference there

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Is Ignoring your crush wrong?

No, it isn't wrong. A "crush" is just an extreme like.

What if your crush already sent two of his friends to ask you if you like him since your friend told your crush you like him does your crush like you since he keeps wanting to know if you like him?

Yes. Talk to him instead of sending someone else to talk to him. answer 2 make a measured move. good luck!!!

What does it mean if you have liked someone since first grade now about to be in 8th grade but haven't talked to her once since second grade?

what do you think it means? It means you've liked them since first grade and you're now about to be in eighth grade! Sounds like you see a lot of something special in this person, perhaps it's time to make a move.