Is Ignoring your crush wrong

Updated: 4/28/2022
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No, it isn't wrong. A "crush" is just an extreme like.

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Ignoring someone can be rude. If this person is your crush they will loose interest if they have any since they obviously don't think you like them

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Q: Is Ignoring your crush wrong
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What to do when the boy who had a crush on you is now ignoring you?

this means he needs your attention,you also keep on ignoring him,then just wait and watch,he will beg you,down on his knees:)

Is it wrong to crush on your cousins boyfriend?

You can't help who you have a crush on but it would be wrong acting on it.

Is it wrong to have a crush on your cousin?

Having a crush on someone is not wrong so long as you do not annoy the person you have a crush on, but it may be hard on you.

How do you make your crush think you are not interested in her?

Tell her! ignoring her would make her want you more.. or get someone else to tell her

What do you do when your bff is ignoring you?

well then he dont deserve you or... you did something wrong. try to figure things out.

What would you do if your crush just asked your best friend out and she said yes knowing that you liked him how do you get revenge and if ignoring doesn't work since he hates me?

You don't. Just ignore it and pretty soon your crush will find out that you are worth it.(:

Is it wrong of you to tell your crush to break your heart so you can get over her?

Yes! If you want to get over her, do it yourself. I have to wonder why you'd want to though.

How do you say sorry to a guy after you basically ignore him for days?

Just go up and talk to him. Explain (if you want text..) why you were ignoring him, what was wrong, etc. If you were ignoring him for no reason...make something up..?

How do you make girls crush with you?

Don't be creepy towards the girl, just flirt slightly and don't ignore. But along with not ignoring her, don't be constantly by her side.

Is it wrong to have a crush on a childhood friend who once had a crush on you long ago but now has a girlfriend?

No it is not wrong per say as it is a crush however, you can not and must not act on those feelings as he does have a girlfriend and obviously wants to be with her. You have to ask yourself though are you interested now because he has a girlfriend and you are not the object of his affection anymore - you have to leave this in the past and move on. i agree not wrong

Is it wrong to go out with your friends crush?

No, if she is your sister and you're out bumming around

Is it wrong for a Muslim guy to have a crush on a girl?

no but it depends if u act on it