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I do also, not to mention other types of things as well. Theres so much to get into so if you go to and listen to the morgellons radio broadcast's #6 & #15 you will get some answers fast...then of course listen to the remaining ones as well to fill in the blanks. Also is the site for the best researcher on top of the morgellons condition. You will learn alot of info from him, I found his site this week and know so much more about it then when I started! Its a very scarey thing hugh? I have found that if you put alfalfa tablets in the bath (I put 20) and get in, the fibers, hairs, skin masses, black specks, red specks, white gooey matter and other stuff comes billowing up out of your body! Try that and you will be able to know if its morgellons right away. Another way from Chuck Carnicom (the researcher I mentioned above) said if you mix red wine (merlot for example) with peroxide and swish it around in your mouth for several minutes you spit out a gooey mass of these things and that confirms you have it. You should read his site before doing that though because Im not sure how much of each they tell you to rinse with. Good luck in unraveling the whole situation, Ive been doing it for a little under 2 months now and its a nightmare! The government wants to do nothing but cover it up because they know they are At Fault here! Just read those websites and you will see what Im talking about. God Bless you and your family - Good Luck

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Q: I have fiber like hairs that come from my skin and fingertips. Also present on my head. Could this be morgellons?
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You have fiber like hairs that come from your skin and fingertips also present on your head could this be morgellons?

To whomever originally submitted this question: "i have fibre like hairs that come from my skin and fingertips also present on my head could this be morgellons?" I had to resubmit your question because each time I tried answering, it led me to a page that said: "Step 1: Is one of these your question?" So, I had to edit your question and submit it under my name.***Apparently, Morgellons is a mysterious condition that is erupting all over the USA and it has scientists baffled. WebMD has some information on Morgellons, so I added a link and a website to this answer. The description of Morgellons makes it seem like a life-altering condition. I hope this helps you find relief.

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Morgellons is sometimes called the "fiber disease" by doctors. It is controversial and not-easily-understood condition in which strange thread-like fibers appear under the skin. Patients may feel as if something is crawling on, biting, or stinging them. Some experts believe Morgellons is a physical illness; others believe it is a kind of "delusional parasitosis," which makes a person think that parasites have infected his or her skin; and still others think it is simply a skin disease that occurs without a known cause. There is no known cure for the condition. There are some possible links to Lyme disease and hypothyroidism, but much more research in general is needed for this condition.

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