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Q: How to relax before going to sleep?
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What does hit he haystack mean?

usually means time to go to bed or go to sleep.

What are some all natural sleep remedies?

Lavender can be used as a natural sleep remedy. You can purchase a natural lavender spray and spray it on your pillow before bedtime to relax you. You can also use yoga and mediation before bed to help relax you for sleep.

How can you sleep better?

never do exercise before sleeping, the muscles don't relax and you have a hard time going to sleep. Don't go to sleep after ou have had a heavy meal, the stomach is heavy and the body is still working. Try to take a bath half an hour before going to bed, your body will be relaxed and ready to go ot sleep. If you have nightmares or bad dreams, when you are at that stage that you are almost falling asleep tell yourself you are going to have a pleasant dream. You may drink a cup of tea. Never drink coffee, or eat cheese and chocolate. Ly down before you are going to sleep, and don't have to much light around you, like this the brain send signals to your body to start to relax.. :) Sleeping is good :P

How do you relax before sleep?

Personally - I like to 'unwind' with some soft music, and a warm drink.

What are good ways to relax?

Well,good ways to relax is going to sleep and taking a day off work to go to the spa and having a beautiful time with your boyfriend or husband.

If you dreamed about someone does that mean he or she thought about you before going to sleep?

It could be that or probably that is what your conscience was thinking about before going to sleep, which made you dream of him/her.

Is it bad seeing a snake before going to sleep?


What are some techniques a person can follow to get better sleep?

There are many techniques a person can follow to get better sleep. These include reading before going to sleep, not watching screens and taking a bath before going to bed.

Can you exercise before you go to sleep?

Yes, some people claim that exercising before going to bed affects their sleep, but studies made do not report any evidence to confirm that. These studies show that excercise before going to bed does not affect sleep.

How would you use oils in a sentence?

I like to diffuse lavender essential oil in my bedroom to help me relax before going to sleep.

Do you have to take of your gauges before going to sleep?

Depends on the person

Should you drink before going to toilet before eating food before going to bed etc.?

You should drink water about 5 - 10 minutes before eating. That way you will be less hungry and eat less food. Which will help you lose some weight if you are trying to. Do not drink any water especially cold water during your meal as this will solidify your food when eating and it will become difficult to digest your food. Second of all, you should drink a glass of water just before going to sleep. I'm not quite sure what it does but it helps relax your body. Just drink water 5 - 10 minutes before eating. And when you sleep.