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Depends on the person

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Q: Do you have to take of your gauges before going to sleep?
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How can I get asleep if I don't want to sleep?

Reed a book before falling asleep, take a shower before going to bed. Make your bed and your pillow be cold. I can not sleep When I am hot. I hope this will help. 😉

Why should you braid your hair before going to sleep?

You should do this because when you take it out in the morning it will be wavier. It will have had a longer time to set.

Sleep how do i do it?

There are multiple ways to get a restful sleep. You can take sleeping pills, take a hot bath before bed, and try to wind down one hour before bed so that your mind will be ready to sleep.

What can be done to alleviate headaches?

Drinking a lot of water,having enough rest and could also take a refreshing shower before going to sleep.

How can you sleep better?

never do exercise before sleeping, the muscles don't relax and you have a hard time going to sleep. Don't go to sleep after ou have had a heavy meal, the stomach is heavy and the body is still working. Try to take a bath half an hour before going to bed, your body will be relaxed and ready to go ot sleep. If you have nightmares or bad dreams, when you are at that stage that you are almost falling asleep tell yourself you are going to have a pleasant dream. You may drink a cup of tea. Never drink coffee, or eat cheese and chocolate. Ly down before you are going to sleep, and don't have to much light around you, like this the brain send signals to your body to start to relax.. :) Sleeping is good :P

How do you install a dashboard on a 1977 Camaro?

PLan on long weekend and start with gauges and then work ob the lowers stuff. The lower stuff has to come out first before the upper dash is out. Once it is all out take your vents and wash them and refelt them before going back in as well good luck

What is better to take before a filling pain meds or sleep meds?

Ibuprofin for pain and melatonin supplement for sleep.

Dealing with a Sleep Disorder?

Having a sleep disorder can sometimes cause undue stress in a person suffering such a disorder. It's best to stick to a sleep schedule, going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. Nicotine and caffeine before bed can sometimes take hours to wear off and are not ideal to have before going to bed. Making sure one is comfortable before sleeping works wonders as well. If these methods do not work, it is probably best to seek medical advice.

Why must Lexapro be taken in the morning and not at night?

I was told to take Lexapro in the morning because one of the side effects is insomnia, so if you were to take it in the evening or just before going to bed, you probably would not be able to get to sleep.

What is a force gauge used for?

Force gauges are used to measure the amount of force applied to an object. They're used in manufacturing places to test the amount of stress a product can take before it breaks. Force gauges can be both digital and analog.

Gauges not working on Expedition 1997?

Is it all the gauges or some? You make have to take the instrumental cluster apart. Make sure all the hardness for the gauges are all connected.

You cant sleep what should you do?

You do many things if you cannot sleep at night.Check all these things and choose which is best for you.1. Take shower before going to bed.2. Never eat little or too much before sleeping.3. Never try to force you to sleep.4. Take a glass of water before going to bed.5. Take a glass of milk before going to bed.6. Take some stress free exercises.7. Read some books or magazine.8. Never see TV late at night.9. Your bed room must be airy.10.Take deep breaths at-least 20 times. It gives more oxygen to your brain, make your brain and body relax and streamline your thinking's.