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He's is asking what you like about him for example:

  • His appearance
  • His personality
  • How he treats you
  • And you could also add in what you though of him the first time you met him?

Hope this helps :)

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SAY THE TRUTH AND ONLY THE TRUTH because if you dont find anything good in him dont date him and if u find good stuff in him answer honestly

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Q: How should you answer if your boyfriend asks what do you see in me?
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What do you do if a boy asks you out but you already have a boyfriend?

If a boy asks you out and you have a boyfriend, you should say no.

What does it mean when your boyfriend asks to see your o face?

its means to see ur boobs

What should a girl do when her boyfriend asks for a kiss?

give him a kiss

Should you worry if your boyfriend asks out your bff?

If you're currently dating and he asks out another girl that's HORRIBLE. Dump him.

How should you answer if your boyfriend asks you why you like me?

you should tell him why you like him. pretty straitforward stuff

Should you worry if your boyfriend asks out your friend and she says no?

Of course! They totaly want to cheat on you

What if your boyfriend asks you to take off your panties and bra what should you do?

ONLY do it if you feel comfortble with him

What should you think when a boyfriend asks for money and gets angry when you say no?

you should think he only want you for money

How should you answer if your boyfriend asks you what are you wearing?

tell himwhat your wearing gosh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does it mean if your spooning with your boyfriend then he asks you to turn over and face him?

I suppose he wants to see your face,talk to you, or kiss you.

What shoud a boyfriend do if he got with a girl and she has been writing a prison inmate for years but she loves the boyfriend?

If it bothers the boyfriend that she is writing to the inmate then he should talk to her and tell her he minds because if she truly loves the boyfriend she should not mind to do somthing that the person she loves asks her to do.

How do you get your ex-boyfriend back if he is on a dating site but still calls?

you don't answer his calls and if you see him and he asks you why you are not answering tell him that you didn't get them.