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2 months

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Q: How old does a baby have to be to be allowed on TV?
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In the old TV game show contestants are allowed so many notes to?

Name That Tune

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Some almost qualify in a different sense as Kiddy P*rn. There have been plots on TV and other cartoons with- for example Homosexuality as a plot device ( Top Cat) an Air Force officer living off-base and shacking-up ( I had no idea what that meant) in Steve Canyon, and sickening humor poking fun at mentally-retarded people in animal form in (Baby Huey) , also some disturbing racist content. cartoons essentially run roughshod and are not subject to the same oversight as movies or prime time. There is even a more or less musical sitcom cartoons based in part on the career of a well-known rock producer currently occupying the Big House. one episode- the River Ritz is a slightly geared down version of what Actually Happened in the Neptune Motor Lodge ( water angle retained!) in about l96l. seems there was a publicity shot of three girls ( of a well known rock band) in an oversized bath tub. great fun, until one of them called her mother, who then called the police.. this stuff is Kiddy P*rn II.

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Yes around 1974 it was shown on tv

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Should a 4 month old baby be let watch tv?

no it could see something that it's not supposed to see yet.

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yes! Baby can watch TV.

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If you are not allowed to watch TV, you could learn the difference between Aloud and Allowed.

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yes they be allowed

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Baby Talk, Holding the Baby