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Well... You jst be yourself try not to hide stuff or even have an open relationship <SHLASH BAYBII>

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Q: How not to be a bad boyfriend?
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Did Taylor Swift ever had a bad boyfriend?

no she never have a bad boyfriend swift is a very smart girl..

Is it bad that I don't have a boyfriend now?


In Ohio can a girlfriend lock out a boyfriend?

yes, I have locked out my bad boyfriend if you want! =)

Is it bad that I'm 18 and still haven't had my first boyfriend?

No. It is not bad to be 18 years old and haven't got your first boyfriend.

What are the release dates for Alabama Jackson's Bad Boyfriend - 2011?

Alabama Jackson's Bad Boyfriend - 2011 was released on: USA: September 2011

How do you get Daniel Radcliffe to be your boyfriend?

I've no idea but i want to b his boyfriend so BAD!

How can you tell if your boyfriend is good or bad?

a bad boyfriend shows no respect for you and a bad boyfriend also dates you just because he wants a girlfriend...a good boyfriend always shows you respect...he tells you how beautiful you are and he isn't ashaimed of you... in other words if your boyfriend doesnt respect you... to hell with him and get rid of can do alot better!!...&hearts; (Not to be rude, but that's not how you spell a lot)

Is it bad to show your boobs to your boyfriend?

No, because he is your boyfriend. Now if it was someone like your boyfriend's best friend that would't be alright...

Is it bad to be attached to your long term boyfriend?


Do you won't to be my boyfriend?

bad personality perhaps?

What if your boyfriend is 21 and your 15 is that bad for us to date?

Not only is it bad, it is illegal.

Is marrying a boyfriend after he cheated bad?

The answer depends on how truly contrite and trustworthy the boyfriend on never cheating.