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Minimum one hour. Meanwhile you can give sugar solution to hungry baby.

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Q: How much gap should take after polio drops for taking food?
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Why food is not given after oral polio drop?

It is not recommended to have food or drink for thirty minutes after receiving the Oral Polio Drops. This is recommended to allow time for the vaccine to reach the system without being diluted by food or drink in the stomach.

When does polio happen?

The polio virus is often transmitted via fecal matter. It can also be transmitted through food or water or an infected person.

Do you eat before taking abilify?

Taking ABILIFY with food and drinkABILIFY can be taken regardless of meals. However, the oral solution should not be diluted withother liquids or mixed with any food prior to administration.Alcohol should be avoided when taking ABILIFY.

How do I use hcg liquid drops?

You should have gotten instructions with it. However you typically will put some of the drops in your food before you eat it so it can absorb into your body to help flush the fat out.

Is polio transmissible from mother to child?

Polio is an enteric(food/water born) origin disease.If mother is carrier of Polio it can be transmitted to child through feco-oral route.Not transmitted by breast feeding or by usual child care.

What happens if you get ear drops in your drink?

It is perfectly fine to put eye drops in your ear , but NEVER put ear drops in your eyes.

Should you feed a wild cougar?

You should not feed any wild animal. They are capable of taking care of themselves and should never become habituated to taking food from humans.

How much grapefruit seed extract should I use to clean food?

For a sink full of water you should use about 25 drops of grapefruit seed extract to clean food. Do not leave the food in the water for long, just put it in briefly.

Which stores or health food markets sell HCG drops?

Generally health food stores carry hcg drops. You can look in the vitamin section. If you are unable to find them, you can order them from or

Do you have to eat food if you're taking vitamin c 20 times a day and also on steroids?

Yes you should never not eat food. Also you should not be taking that many vitamin c it can killyou. and steriods should ony be taken if prescribed!

How long after taking an antibiotic should food be taken?

after 1and a half hours

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