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Taking ABILIFY with food and drink

ABILIFY can be taken regardless of meals. However, the oral solution should not be diluted with

other liquids or mixed with any food prior to administration.

Alcohol should be avoided when taking ABILIFY.

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Q: Do you eat before taking abilify?
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Can you take Creatine supplements while taking Abilify?

no do not take Creatine supplements while taking Abilify

Can you take Abilify and Prozac together?

What are the side effects of taking Abilify and Prozak together? Is it a good idea to take both. My 18 year old son is taking them.

How will abilify effect psilocybin?

It seems that both Abilify and psilocybin have a similar mechanism of action acting both as agonist (shrooms) and partial agonist (abilify) at the 5ht2a receptors, so the shrooms and the abilify together might just give a stronger effect of the tripping experience. It would depend on the dose you're taking of abilify and also how much shrooms you are taking. Do not take my word for this as I am not a professional, just my thoughts on what I have learned from taking abilify and also my experience with taking shrooms. Never done them together though...Good luck!

Does abilify lower sperm count?

I take abilify for psychosis and since i ve been taking it i have very low sperm.

Can you take vicodin while taking abilify?

I take abilify nightly and i have recently gone through surgery. The doctor perscribed hydrocodone, generic vicodine, to me knowing that i take abilify. The answer is yes.

What if you are smoking marijuana and taking Abilify?

You're in for a good time!

Do you have to eat before taking Zoloft?


Do you eat before taking clarithromycin?

Clarithromycin can be taken with food and/or you can eat before taking the medication. It is a macrolide antibiotic and can be harsh on the stomach, some people find the need to eat before taking it. It should be taken with a full glass of water.

Should you eat before taking accutane?

Yes, you should eat before taking accutane. If you don't, overtime it will burn a hole in your stomach.

Can abilify be also perscibed to a cancer patient?

I do not know whether there was a relationship but my husband developed spots in his pancreas about six months after taking Abilify. These spots developed into Pancreatic Cancer. He died two years after taking Abilify for only four months. He had all kinds of bad reactions to Abilify. He had a serious tremor in his hand, hit two cars, had two gran mal seizures, could not sleep, and was totally disoriented on Abilify. In my opinion it is the WORST anti-depressant on the market!!

Should you eat before taking Oxycodone?


Ambien and abilify?

When you are on Abilify you should never take any other prescription drugs or OTC drugs. If you have been taking Ambien for a while and add Abilify you can suffer severe consequences. Please call your pharmacist and your doctors who prescribed your drugs to discuss both drugs and too seek alternatives to sleep problems while on Abilify. See the related links below.