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One percent of what? This answer will be different for different weights. If you weigh 140 pounds one percent is 1.4 pounds. If you weigh 200 pounds one percent of that is 2 pounds.

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Q: How much does 1 percent of body fat weigh?
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Is it normal for a 12 year old to weigh 300 pounds but have less than 2 percent body fat?

No. That is not normal, no matter how much body fat they have.

How many kilograms in as a percentage of body fat?

Percent means 'out of one hundred' so to say that someone's body is 20% fat means that for every 100kg, 20kg will be fat. If the person weighs 50kg, 10kg of that is fat. If you know what percent body fat you are, and how much you weigh, then your mass of fat is 'percent fat divided by 100 then multiply by your mass in kg.'

How much should a 6ft 20 year old male weigh?

It doesnt matter how much you weigh. Weight doesnt matter at all. Body fat percentages matter. Anything over 30 percent body fat is bad. But normally a 20 year old should have about 25% body fat.

How much body fat do you have to have to get a six pack?

12-8 percent body fat

How much does body fat weigh?

3500 calories

Does a persons weight have any relation to the percent of body fat?

Yes & no. Percent of body fat adds to your weight, but so does muscle. You could weigh 300 pounds and have 100% body fat, or a lot of muscle. See my point?

How much pounds of fat make one percent body fat?


How much fat is in your body?

The essential fat percentage is different in males and females. Females have about 12 percent essential body fat, males' bodies are made up of 8 percent essential body fat.

How much does a pound of body fat weigh?

Ah, 1 pound? :)

How much does 1 body fat weigh?

it depends on your weight 1% body fat is 1% of ur entire weight

How much body fat can you lose in 4 weeks?

3 percent

If your body fat percentage is 25 how many pounds of fat do you have?

Well, how much do you weigh? 25% of your total weight is the weight of your fat.

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