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You should only clean your piercings 3-5 times a day.

NEVER more then 5 times since its just as bad as not cleaning it at all.

...why didn't you jsut ask your piercer?

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Q: How many times a day should you clean your tongue piercing?
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Does tongue piercing damage teeth?

A tongue piercing does not damage the teeth unless the actual metal piercing rubs against or touches the tongue many times.

Tongue piercing use?

Tongue + Barbell = Tongue Piercing Tongue piercing: a piercing in the center of the tongue located approximately 3/4" from the tip of the tongue through the connective tissue joining the two muscle groups that form the tongue. Used as a means of self expression or a personal statement, some times used to enhance sexual pleasure for either gender.

What should you do before you get your tongue pierced?

That you should be ready for swelling. When i got my done i got sonic ice and just kept it around because it kept the swelling down. It isn't the most painful i had maybe just a little uncomfortable at times. But its a very common piercing

How do you clean a tongue web piercing?

Mouth wash after eating, smoking, kissing, or anything sexual for about 2 weeks. after that mouth wash 2 times a day until a month has past. then your good :D

Why do I have dents on your tongue if I have never had a tongue piercing?

Most likely the dents will be from your teeth and this will be happening because your tongue is swollen at times. The causes of a swollen tongue can be many different things, commonly it is usually caused by an iron or B-vitamin deficiency. If you are worried about it you should check with a health professional. J :)

Where was the origin of tongue ring?

Well tongue piercing has various origins in many cultures, some factual and others just BS. In north American culture the tongue piercing originated in the BDSM and S&M world and was a submissive act dating back to the early 70's or later. Now tongue piercing is more a fashion statement than an actual sexual addition. Just for information it is a tongue piercing not a tongue ring, "rings" are never used due to there painful nature and awkwardness in eating, drinking, swallowing, etc. Some times there will be photos displayed with a ring in a tongue, but this is just for the photo and a ring is never left in the piercing.

How long do you have to clean your nose after it has been pierced?

The piercing usually takes 4-6 weeks to heal depending on your body. Always clean it multiple times a day after first getting it pierces, especially since the piercing is on your face. I'd clean it if not every day then maybe a couple times a week. Dirt and oil tend to gather and it can cause your piercing to either get infected or to get gunk in it.

How often should you clean your navel piercing?

2-3 times a day with anti-bacterial soap (dial bar soap works best) and you should use h2oceans spray for body piercings (you can find it at hot topic) at least 3-6 times a day do not use any wound washes,anti-bacterial ointments or sprays such as kills all germs including the germs that help heal...

Im piercing your tongue web will you talk funny the next day and i just want 2 kno if it will b like a tongue ring and i cant talk rite 4 a week?

no I've pierced it many times and talk on the phone with the person the next day and they are talking normal . its cuz your tongue doesn't 'swell up with that piercing

How many times a day are you supposed to clean a new navel piercing?

As many times as your professional body piercer has instructed you to clean it. You should be following the written aftercare instructions you were given. If you don't have written instructions and you were not told how to care for it I would call your piercer back and ask why you were not provided with that information

I took my gauges out and they are bloody and swollen and filled up with gunk. What should I do?

take out the piercing immediately and clean it with orange anti-bacterial soad 3 times a day. do not touch it unless your hands are washed.

How do you bring down swelling on a tongue piercing?

gurgle some salt water every two times daily for a while til the swelling goes down