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As many times as your professional body piercer has instructed you to clean it. You should be following the written aftercare instructions you were given. If you don't have written instructions and you were not told how to care for it I would call your piercer back and ask why you were not provided with that information

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Q: How many times a day are you supposed to clean a new navel piercing?
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What is the most popular piercing for women?

The most popular piercing for females is either lobe piercings or, in recent times, navel piercings.

Is an industrial piercing supposed to be moving after one month because mine isn't?

it depends, just make sure you regularly clean it about 3 times a day

How often should you clean your navel piercing?

2-3 times a day with anti-bacterial soap (dial bar soap works best) and you should use h2oceans spray for body piercings (you can find it at hot topic) at least 3-6 times a day do not use any wound washes,anti-bacterial ointments or sprays such as kills all germs including the germs that help heal...

What happens to and infected cartilage?

Make sure to clean anytype of cartliaga piercing 2-3 times a day amd use h2ocean or anytype of sea salt water 3-5 times and a day... With an infected piercing make sure to clean it when ur supposed DO NOT take out a piercing while it is infected... Anitbotics will help with infection along with the cleaning amd sea salt soaks... Hope this helps any:)

Is your navel piercing infected?

Well with a proper aftercare routine your navel piercing should not become infected. Aftercare is the most important and the easiest part of any piercing, following simple cleaning instructions and being aware of what you are doing around you new piercing to prevent contamination and possible infection. Professional Body Piercers will provide you with written instructions and discuss how to clean and look after your piercing properly. 9 out of 10 times problems that occur with piercings are user created problems and not directly related to the piercing but more over to the lack of patients on the part of the piercing client. I wish this wasn't true but unfortunately it is a very common fact people try to fix things them selves and this always leads to causing more issues than it solves. If you think you have a problem with your piercing please contact your piercer, have he or she look at it and they will help you fix the problem, if you cant get in to see them due to business hours or holidays then just clean the piercing and wait till you can get in to see them.

How long do you have to clean your nose after it has been pierced?

The piercing usually takes 4-6 weeks to heal depending on your body. Always clean it multiple times a day after first getting it pierces, especially since the piercing is on your face. I'd clean it if not every day then maybe a couple times a week. Dirt and oil tend to gather and it can cause your piercing to either get infected or to get gunk in it.

How would you care for an infection in an old and properly healed but now unused navel piercing hole?

Always make sure the area is clean and dry. You can use rubbing alcohol on it a few times a day. If it becomes tight and itchy just put some cream on it that will relieve it. Hope this helps!

Im 13 and you want to get your belly pierced where can you get in done in Cardiff?

No where in Cardiff does belly piercing. Now navel piercing is a possibility and you should check your local phone book under body piercing to find a list of studios in your area. Please call it what it is "navel piercing", not belly piercing. There are only three places I can think of right now that does body piercings in Cardiff: Blue Banana, Rebel Rebel and Chrome Inc. Blue Banana has a number of piercers come in at different times, and some are professional, while others are not. I wouldn't try you luck there though. I've never been in Rebel Rebel, but I've been told you can smell weed. I don't know if it's the staff who smoke it or what, but I've also heard it is a very clean place. You really need to go there for yourself and inquire about the piercing, how they do it, how clean everything is, etc. to know first hand. Chrome is a just a studio specifically for body piercing, and the piercer there is highly professional. I've had one piercing there, and I plan on returning for others. I would definitely recommend Chrome.

Is it sexual to get your navel peirced?

Ahh many moons ago navel piercing was considered exotic (belly dancers and the like) it's an addition that shows the shape and figure. It's intent is to draw attention to the whole package not just the navel. So once upon a time it was considered "sexy" but now its another fashion accessory for modern times.

You have had your navel periced for over 7 years and it is infected if you take it out will it heal up?

If it's infected... DON'T TAKE IT OUT! If you take it out, it will only cause the infectious bacteria to stay in your body, and it won't get rid of it. Soak your piercing in a sea salt soak for five to ten minutes and clean it two to three times a day. Once the swelling/infection has passed, and you're not please with the piercing, you can take it out. But if it's infected, leave it in!

How do you keep a navel piercing clean?

Soak it in a mixture of natural sea salt and warm water. Put a pinch of natural sea salt into a shot glass of warm water. Push the shot glass onto your stomach to create a suction. Do it for about 5 mins no more than twice a day. If the salt is too drying, try using less and if that doesn't help then just use warm water. NEVER USE ALCOHOL ON A PIERCING.

Can you clean a navel piercing with head and shoulders?

No. You dont want to use any soap or body wash on it. They can be really drying and irritate the piercing. You have to use saline/salt water soaks. Put a pinch of natural sea salt into a shot glass of warm water and use it to soak the piercing. You can either push the glass up against your belly to create a suction or soak a paper towel in the solution and hold that on the piercing for about 5 minutes. Do that 2-3 times a day every day. If thats too drying, substitute one of the salt soaks with just a normal warm water soak.