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Q: How many hours apart should you take metronidazole for 3 doses a day?
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What does q6h in drug dose mean?

q6h stand for every 6 hours, q=every and h=hours so you can also take it to mean qid or four times daily though the doses should be about 6 hours apart.

How long should you wait to breastfeed after using metronidazole?

stop whilst taking Metronidazole tablets and for 12-24 hours after the course of tablets has finished before breastfeeding again.

Does one dose of adderall xr last as long as 2 doses of immediate release adderall taken 5 hours apart?

You should be able to get 8 to 10 hours of therapy out of one dose of XR depending on the dose, and your metabolism

How many hours apart should you drink water?

two hours

How many hours apart should you take your Tylenol?

4 hours

If you have only swallowed one metronidazole tablet would i be ok to have a drink?

No, you would get very high side effects anyway. You should wait at least 48 hours.

Can you wait 30 hours to drink after taking metronidazole?

You can not drink for 72 hours after taking the last dose.

What is the recommended time between doses for ibuprofen?

I do it every 4 hours, but im not sure, every person for them selfs

Should medicine prescribed to be taken 3 x a day be taken 8 hours apart?


Is it safe to take Nabumetone and Loritab four hours apart?

You should wait six hours. Also don't drink acidic drinks.

How many hours apart are GMT and CST?

six hours apart. GMT is 6 hours ahead of CST.

How long does Metronidazole stay in the human body and when is it safe to drink?

Half life of metronidazole is about ten hours. So most men will be able to drink after three days of stopping the drug. To be on safer side, you can wait for another two days.