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A packet of Splenda contains 1 gram of Splenda (an artificial sweetener, which is not sugar).

Because Splenda is sweeter than sugar, a Splenda packet provides the sweetness of two packets of sugar.

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The above is total nonsense. 1g of Splenda contains .95 grams of dextrose and maltodextrin, both with a glycemic index of 105 (gets into your blood as glucose faster than table sugar with a glycemic index of 100). So, if you count maltodextrin as a sugar (really a sugar polymer), it's 95% sugar and 5% sucralose.

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Q: How many grams of sugar are in a packet of Splenda?
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How many grams of sugar are in a sugar packet?

The sugar packet that I just weighted, 2.64 grams was sugar.

How many grams in a pack of sugar?

If the packet of sugar is 1 teaspoon, then it would have 4 grams.

How many tea spoons are in a gram of sugar?

There are 6 grams of sugar in one sugar packet.

How many carbs are in 1 cup splenda brown sugar?

There are about 192 grams of carbohydrate in 1 cup of Splenda Brown Sugar. That's about the same as regular sugar, but you only use half as much of the Splenda Brown Sugar for the same amount of sweetening in your recipe.

How many grams are in one tablespoon of splenda?

About 10 grams in a tablespoon of splenda

How many grams of sugar in a Deneys sugar packet?

The ones we have in Denny's Canada are 0.8 gm.

How many grams of sugar in a packet?

it depends on what size of sugar you get, but usually, if you go for the larger packs, its about 2kg

How many ounces in a pack of Splenda?

One splenda packet contains 0.035 oz or 1 gram.

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23g of sugar in a packet, so 2.875g of sugar per starbust

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Depends; 3-6 is common, but there is no standard. The USDA website lists 2.8. E.g. "Sugar in the Raw" advertises 5g/packet. Domino brand sugar packets advertise 4g/packet.

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it matters how much sugar is in the packet

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