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Q: How many days did the Israelites go without water?
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How many days can man survive without water?

2 days

How many days people can live without water?

2 days

How many days can you live with or without water?

It's the rule of threes. Three MINUTES without air, three DAYS without water and three WEEKS without food.

How many days can you last without water?

We living things can only last a week without water.

How many days a person can live with out water and eating?

none they will just die...< lol no 3 or 4 days without water, and round about 32 days without food.

How many days can a human live without water?


How many days grey parrot can live without food and water?

About ten days

How many hours can you survive without water?

you can survive 168 hours without water, aka: 7 days

How many days man leaves without food water?

A man can live without water for 1 day.

Which animal can live in deserts without water for many days?


How many days did Katniss Everdeen go without water?

3 days and she almost dies from dehydration

How many days does camel live without water and food?

100 million years without water becasue they have a very big hump.