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Q: How many days can a human live without water?
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Can a human live without water?

A human can live for up to about three days without taking in any more water.

Can human live without water?

a human can live without water for about 3-4 days, any thing after 5 is risky, but you cant live without water for 1 week or more

How long does it take to die without water?

Depending on the conditions, a human can live around 5 to 7 days without water. A human can live around 20 days with no food.

How long can a human live without water How long can human live without food?

A human can typically live without water for around 3-5 days, depending on various factors such as age, health, and environmental conditions. In contrast, a human can survive without food for about 3 weeks, but it may vary based on the individual's health and body composition.

How long could a human being live without water?

last about 2-4 days.

Can a person live without food for 4 days?

Yes. In fact, an average human can lve without food for up to a week. But the same person can only live less then 2 days without water.

Is it possible to live without food for 40 days?

No. If they can, they are either dead or highly trained professionals. The average human can live little without water, ranging from 5-10 days.

Can a human survive without water?

you can survive without water for ever aslong as you drink other drinkable fluids but you can only live for 3 days without any fluids.

How long can a baleen whale hold its breaths?

A human can live without water for about 3 days. Without food is about 3 months if you at least dirink some water.

How many days people can live without water?

2 days

How long can a human live without sunlight?

46543563843 days. aprox.

How long can a human survive on just water?

A human can go up to a month without food. The body cannot go very long without water. A human can only live up to a week without water.