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it all depends on how pure the coke is what it is cut with and how long and frequently you use the drug/ i would gess a bout 5 years of continuos use maybe shorter if you use every day

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2009-08-16 22:23:07
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Q: How longs it take for nose to fall out from cocaine?
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How long does it take for a blocked nose to go?

How long does it take for your nose to be normal again after taking cocaine

How long does a stuffy nose last for after taking cocaine?

It seems in some cases to take as long as a month

Is gum deadly?

No, not at all. But as with anything else you need to take care when you chew; and don't swallow it suddenly. It could block the air from your nose to your longs.

What happens to cocaine once you take it up your nose how does it dissolve?

when a person snorts a line of cocaine, the cocaine is automatically absorbed into your blood stream. The drainage that runs down your throat is all of the "cut", or al of the other chemicals added to the cocaine

How much cocaine does it take to make a hole in your nose?

More than it is healthy to try. Find another hobby.

Unblock your nose after using cocaine?

Take a skinny straw and get a couple of drops of water in it. Snort it. The drip is disgusting, but it does the trick.

How do people take cocaine?

Please don't take cocaine, it's very bad for you and it won't help any of your problems. It's just gonna get you problems. Oh and they sniff it through their nose. actually, you can eat it, inject it, snort it, or smoke it

Is it illegal to take cocaine?

Yes, it is illegal to take cocaine.

Is it safe to take cocaine with antibiotics?

Is it safe to take antibiotics and cocaine? I heard cocaine wipes out the effects of the antibiotic.

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Can you take flagyl and do cocaine?

No! you are not supposed to do cocaine ever!

How do you slow heart rate when on cocaine?

Do you take cocaine '?'

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