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More than it is healthy to try. Find another hobby.

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Q: How much cocaine does it take to make a hole in your nose?
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What happens when your nose has a hole from cocaine?

Now you need surgical repair.

When snorting cocaine what happens to your nose?

The inside of your nose is very sensitive. Repeated cocaine use will destroy over time the inside of your nose to the point that you could have a hole from one nostril to the other. Cocaine is bad news.

How can you repair a nose that's been abused by cocaine?

There's really nothing you can do, besides stop doing cocaine and wait for your nose to heal. I heard that Stevie Nicks (of Fleetwood Mac) has a dime-sized hole in her septum, from all the cocaine she used to do in the '70s. Personally, I used to do a lot of cocaine, and to this day, my nose frequently whistles when I breathe through it, which makes me think I might have burned a hole up there, too.

Does cocaine cause your nose to bleed and what other drugs make your nose bleed?


What is a line of cocaine?

It is when you get your cocaine and than you make a strait line with it and get a straw and snort it up your nose

Does Emma Watson have a hole on her nose?

I hope so. Otherwise she would have a difficult time talking... and sneezing. If you are referring to a piercing hole, no, she has never had her nose pierced. If you are referring to the medical condition which causes a hole to form inside the nose, no, she does not (this is caused by cocaine abuse - Emma is hugely against drugs).

What happens to the nose through cocaine usage?

The nose becomes numb after snorting cocaine. Also, cocaine can lead to nosebleeds.

What do you mix cocaine with?

Your nose

How is cocaine administered?

Up your nose or in your vein, either way itll make you insane.

Medical use for cocaine and crack?

cocaine nose surgery.

Your nose hurt because of cocaine what to do?

Stop using cocaine.

How do you treat redness of the nose from using cocaine?

Stop snorting cocaine

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