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Right away! Girls don't like to play games and we like aggressivenessSeriously! We don't want to sit around waiting for the fun to happen! We LOVE it when a guy takes control and let us play our way..... TOTAL KISSING! No fun and games.... just fun!.... if you know what i mean!

NOO WAY!!! You start kissing in a relationship either when you think you're ready or after 3 months of dating.

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Wait after 4-5 short kisses, then go for it

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Q: How long should you wait before you start kissing my girlfriend?
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Should you spy on your girlfriend when she's naked?

Yes! You should walk in "accidentally" and if your girlfriend doesn't care go towards her and start kissing. Slide your hand up to her boobs and lightly cup them start to squeeze them and you can have sex!

What is safer to start kissing your girlfriend with the hand or cheek?


What is the next step after hugging in the relationship?

slowly start talking more than you usually do and if its a young relationship you should probably hold hands before kissing

What grade should you start kissing on the lips?

i think you should start kissing on the lips at 12who am i kiddin i had my frist kiss when i was nine and now i am almost ten still nine

What do you do with your first girlfriend on the first week start hugging her and what about kissing?

I advise you to take it slow and truly get to know her better. Have conversations. Hugging and kissing can wait. Don't scare her away.

How old should you be to start having bed kissing?

At 10years

How a girl should start kissing her partner to get him excited?

Kiss him on the dick.

How do you hook up with your girlfriend?

first you find something both you and your girlfriend likes to do.. enjoy it.. set up a nice atmosphere and connection.. then at an appropriate moment, start kissing her and saying you love her.. the rest will follow ..

How do you get a girlfriend at the age of ten?

Start by asking a girl to be your girlfriend (but only after youv gotten to know her atleast a little bit). Your much too young to be kissing and stuff but you guys could still hang out.

My boyfriend wants to start kissing but im scared if like i mess up or something what should i do?

The boy usually "takes the lead" in kissing and is the one that should know the most about it. You should not be worried about messing up. He will only be concerned about how he is doing if he has not had much experience in kissing.

When should kids start kissing?

when ever you feel ready kissing and it isn't exactly a massive mistake or anything

How do you hint your girlfriend into kissing you?

Well if you start leaning toward her she might get the hint and kiss you if she turns away she is not ready. Give her time and DON'T rush things.