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It depends on the person but after somewhere around 4-5 mins. the brain begins to die.
15 minutes you will die. 11 minutes will cause permanent brain damage. 8 minutes will cause brain damage

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Less than five minutes, depending on how long you can hold your breath.

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After about 4 to 6 minutes without air, a large amount of brain cells begin to die.

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I'd say about a minute,

more or less depending on your health, daily physical activity, healthy life style etc.

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Q: How long can the average human go without air?
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How long does it take to travel 3000 miles by air?

That cannot be calculated without knowing the average speed over that distance.

how long could leave a healthy Man?

And have him survive? Without air, about three minutes. If they had air but not water they would die of dehydration after about three days. If they had water but not food then they would last a few weeks. If they had their needs taken care of then the average human lifespan is around 79 years.

How long can a person live without air?

A person can live minutes without air.

What happens if you do not get oxygen for 15 minutes?

You are for sure dead. The average human can go 3 minutes without air, anything after that can cause permanent brain damage or death.

How many hours can you live without air?

0 hours. The average person can only live about 2 minutes without air.

How long would it take for someone to die without air?

It will vary from person to person depending on how long they can hold their breath but about 3 minutes is considered the average from what I have always been told.

How much air do you normally breath in and out?

The average human normally takes in about 35 lbs of air per day.

How long can can you drive without air shocks?


What is the name of the person that can hold there breath for 40 minutes?

That isn't humanly possible. 40 minutes and that guy would be LONG dead. Humans really can't last that long without air, maybe barely 5 minutes, probably less. Even so the average human would suffer brain damage after a few minutes.

How long can you last without air?

'Bout 4 minutes

How long man can live without air?

5 minutes

What is the total lung capacity of the average adult male?

4-6 L of air for an average adult human being