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For as long as he wish. Medically there's no problem.

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Q: How long can a man who has been sexually active abstain from sex?
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It depends on the person. People can be sexually active as long as they choose.

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The menstrual cycle refers to the reproductive cycle, a woman [of reproductive age, and if not using hormonal birth control] is experiencing her menstrual cycle every day. It's safe to be sexually active at any time as long as you are old enough to be sexually active, practicing safer sex, and using birth control to prevent unintended pregnancy.

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I was sexually active as a teenager, within my culture there's no shame put on being sexually active as a teenager as long as you are legally old enough and you're mature enough to deal with the consequences. The only way I feel about it is that I regret I didn't know more about sex to understand that not reaching climax during penetrative vaginal sex alone was normal.

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