How long can a fever last?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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The longest 2 weeks if not to bad then 5 days

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Q: How long can a fever last?
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How long Does fever blisters last?

A fever blister will last about 2 weeks.

How long does the average fever last?

As long as you allow it. Take Ibuprofin.

How long does glandular fever last?

Glandular Fever lasts for up to 7 weeks but the extreme tiredness can last for several months.

How long to keep an onion under the armpit for a fever and how many days does the fever last?

5 days :-0

My girlfriend has Bieber fever so how long does she have to live?

It is hard to say how long Bieber fever will last, but she will recover. Chances are high that she will live a long and healthy life.

How long does rocky mountain spoted fever last?

5 years

How long does a yellow fever jab last?

The yellow fever vaccine provides immunity for at least 10 years. Some countries may require a booster dose after that time period for continued protection.

How long do fever's usually last?

The answer for an average fever is one week.Some fevers may be shorter and some may last a lot longer, depending on the cause of the fever. They can be caused by heat stroke, bacteria, viruses and various cancers.

How long do fever and runny nose with cough last?

about a few days, i think...

Is a low grade fever a symptom of pregnancy?

Well it depends on how long you have had this fever and when was your last period. If you had this fever for more than a week I would check it out takes a home pregnancy test.

How long will a fever last?

This is extremely variable, depending on the cause, as well as how effectively it is diagnosed and treated.

How do you use fever in a sentence?

i have fever last night