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A couple days should be fine. But after that you are no longer drinking milk, you are eating Cottage Cheese.

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Q: How long after expiration date can you drink milk?
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What happened if you drink milk past its expiration date?

If milk is stored properly up to the expiration date, nothing should happen if you drink the milk soon after. If you drink the milk long after expiry, you might get sick. For fresh milk the expiration date is known as the Use by date. Up to and including that date, the processor can be sure that no problems will happen. After that, there is no assurance that harmful bacteria is not present. This is why proper storage is extremely important.

How long is milk good for?

Until the expiration date.

Which percent of milk spoils the fastest after the expiration date?

Skim milk. The more fat in the milk, the longer it takes to spoil; cream will last a relatively long time, and butter can be left out on the counter for some time. While milk may often still taste norma and be safe to drink shortly after the expiration date, it is not recommended to push your luck.

How long should milk stay fresh in the refrigerator?

Expiration date home slice

Is it okay to drink milk after it is past its experation date?

It is okay as long as it does not smell bad. Do not let sit up to a week after the expiration date. Even if it does not look bad it may cause mild harm to the person that drinks it but if it is maximum 4 days after the expiration and it does not seem to have gone bad it okay to drink.

How long can you drink milk after its sell by date?

2 days

How long can you hold milk in the refrigerator?

Milk is normally good 5-7 days after the expiration date printed on the container

How long can you use salad dressing after expiration date?

Pretty much until it goes moldy or tastes gross, I never check the expiration date unless on meat, or milk.

Is the date on milk an expiration date?

In most cases (all?), yes, it is.

How would you know when milk is expired?

If it smelled sour and disgusting then it is expired. You could read the expiration date or you can drink it and see if you get sick.

Can evaporated milk be used past the expiration date and how long past if it can?

If the milk is in an unopened can, yes. Then it will stay safe up to 5 days.

Is creamy ranch dressing good after expiration date?

No, ranch would get sour and bitter like milk after the expiration date.

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