How illegal is MDMA?

Updated: 9/7/2023
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MDMDA also know as ecstasy is very illigal in the United States. The DEA(Drug Enforcement Agency) has a "5 Schedule" system that they classify how illigal drugs are based on the drugs potential for abuse, how addictive it is, and its known medical purposes. Schedule 1 is for the worst drugs with a lot of potential for abuse and no known useful medical purposes while schedule 5 is for the opposite, drugs that arn't as harmful and have medical purposes. The DEA has listed ecstasy under Schedule 1. However The DEA doesn't really make any sense in classifying a lot of drugs under schedule 1 because some drugs in schedule 1 are safer than alcohol which is legal.

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In the US and most other countries MDMA is illigal to buy, sell, or posses. Some countries you can have it if you have a medical perscription for it.

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Q: How illegal is MDMA?
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When did mdma become illegal in the us?


Is ecstasy legel in Amsterdam?

MDMA the main component of ecstacy is illegal wordwide.

Is ecstasy medicine or illicit?

MDMA (ecstasy) is illegal in most of the world, apart from special permissions for research.

TNT legal ecstasy?

Nope! waste of money and will not compare to MDMA. The closest thing to MDMA is MDMC which can be bought on the internet. It is basically the exact same thing as extasy, but can be worse for you if you don't know what you are doing. I would suggest ordering some Methylone (MDMC) or go out and (illegally) buy MDMA. MDMA may be illegal, but is better for you then MDMC, although both are fairly harmless.

Where can you obtain pure dxm and mdma powder?

From your Medical Doctor just go ask him for it..... bhahahahaha No but seriously from a drug dealer.....? most likely from whoever has it... it is illegal so dont go waving it around infront of cops....

What does mdma means?

3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)

What is the illustration for MDMA?

The chemical formula of MDMA is C11H15O2.

What is 2Ci the drug?

A phenethylamine similar to the illegal drug 2-CB a cross between mdma and acid so buzzing with the tripping aswell. its so good!

Where does ecstacy come from?

MDMA is made in home laboratories generally. It is an illegal substance so the production of it is also illegal. However, some research ecstasy is made in government sanctioned labs under extreme scrutiny.One of the key ingredients to ecstasy is Safrole, which is actually used in perfume!

Will MDMA test positive as amphetamines?

No, there are no other medicines that use MDMA.

Can mdma from a person be transfered to a cat by touch?

No. MDMA is only effective if ingested.

What happens if you take MDMA then paracetamol?

If you mix paracetamol and MDMA you make heroin