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Depends on age and size and method. Less distance is traversed in a standing broad jump than in a running jump. Too, there are tricks that can be used.

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Q: How far can the average boy jump?
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Can a ferret jump?

Yes they can, but not particularly far or high. But on average, they should be able to jump a short distance.

How far can an average person jump into water?

20-30 feet

How far can Indian tigers jump?

6ft 4 inches (average)

What is the average long jump for a jr high boy?

If Your A 7th Grade Boy , A good Jump Would Be A 14 ' 2 - 15 ' 5 . In Between That Is Great ! Above it is even better !

What is the average jump in high jump for a 11 year old boy?

Im 13 and i jump 4 foot 8. Which doesn't gualify in my school.

How far can an average rabbit jump?

Really high

What is a good Long jump for a eighth grade boy?

I would say a good long jump for an 8th grade boy would be anywhere from 16ft to 18ft and 20ft if your outrageously good Average is 12-15

How far can a humanjump?

The average man can jump 8 feet.But the world record for a long jump is 8.95m (29ft and 4inches)! Which was done by Mike Powell.

How far can a person jump?

The average male can jump eight feet and female seven feet. Many factors can put someone below or above these averages.

How far can the tarsier jump?

Well, I have been listening to people, and most say yes. Though in all of my life experience, I have 'never' seen an ant jump, only fall! But if ants can/could jump, I'm guessing it wouldn't be very far!

How far can the average person jump?

It depends on if your running before you jump. If not you can probably jump 5 to 8 inches over your height. The reason why i sat 5 to 8 is because it depends if you are a man or a woman. :)

What is the average long jump for a 11 year old?

the average long jump for a 12 year old boy is around 4.10 metres