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I would say a good long jump for an 8th grade boy would be anywhere from 16ft to 18ft and 20ft if your outrageously good

Average is 12-15

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Q: What is a good Long jump for a eighth grade boy?
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I'm in eighth grade and jump 18-5 in the long jump How good is that?

Yes i would say that is pretty good. Keep improoving though

What are average high jump scales for 8th grade girls?

I'm in eighth grade and my best jump was 4' 8", but i would say about average (at my meets at least) is about 4' 4" or 4' 6"

What is a good long jump score for a seventh grade boy?

A good long jump score for a seventh grade boy would depend on various factors such as training, experience, and physical development. On average, a distance of around 12-13 feet would be considered a good long jump score for a seventh grade boy. However, improvement is always possible with dedication and practice.

What is the school record for long jump and who holds it?

From grade 4 Jack Beckett with a Long Jump holding 4,24 meters.

You are in Grade 8 and you just jumped 1088 in triple jump Is this a good jump or should you work on getting farther?

that is good.

What is the average long jump for a jr high boy?

If Your A 7th Grade Boy , A good Jump Would Be A 14 ' 2 - 15 ' 5 . In Between That Is Great ! Above it is even better !

What is a long jump?

A good long jump is when u get a good distance that u feel is good but also using good form in the jump wich will help you a lot depending on how far you jump.

What are the long jump rules?

Long jump was started in original Olympics in ancient Greece.

Who has the long jump record in 6th grade long jump?

A jump of 16 ft 2 inches as a 6th grader broke the Illinois state record. But these types of records are not normally recorded or updated for 6th graders.

How long should you train to be good in the long jump?

For as long as possible if you whant to become really good

Is 12 foot 4 a good middle school long jump?

well i jumped 12' 3'' in 5th grade when i was ten, so i guess you could go a little farther.

What is a good distance for the long jump for an 8th grader?

My son tells me he jumped 18 flat today but he is also thinks that was the farthest for his grade at practice today (8th) as far as he knows.