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they affect your blood cells and kill them slowly.

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Q: How does sensation crisps affect your body?
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What hormone is released in the body for happiness?

Endorphines affect happiness. Their release causes the sensation of feeling good (a natural high).

How does sensation affect the five senses?

Sensation can be described as the awareness of stimuli via the senses. If there is an inability to sense the stimuli, there will be no sensation.

What are that factors that affect sensation?

Factors that affect sensation include the intensity of the stimulus, the type of stimulus, the individual's sensory receptors, the individual's past experiences and expectations, and the individual's attention or focus on the stimulus.

How can you put sensation in a sentence?

Frostbite can cause a loss of sensation in the affected part of the body.

What makes sensation possible?

There are many things that make sensation possible. The nerves in the human body are the most responsible for feeling sensation.

Which gas is used in crisp packets?

Nitrogen gas is commonly used in crisp packets to help maintain freshness and prevent the crisps from becoming stale. Nitrogen is an inert gas that does not react with the crisps or affect their taste.

What is the collective noun of crisps?

The collective noun for crisps is a packet of crisps.

Can a hamster dies if it eats salt and vinegar crisps?

A hamster certainly can die if it eats too many salt and vinegar crisps. This is because their body cannot handle the salt and vinegar.

What gives the sensation of hot or cold to a body?

The sensation of hot or cold is detected by specialized nerve endings called thermoreceptors in the skin. When the temperature of the skin changes, these receptors send signals to the brain, which interprets them as sensations of heat or cold. Additionally, temperature changes can affect the blood flow to the skin, amplifying the sensation of hot or cold.

What sensation do people feel that makes their hair stand up on end?

A cold sensation it shockes your body and that is its reaction

What is the meaning of numbness?

Numbness is a lack of sensation or feeling in a part of the body. It can be caused by nerve damage, a lack of blood flow, or neurological conditions. It often presents as a tingling or prickling sensation.

How does crips effect your body?

well there are certain crisps that effect your blood cells e.g. sensations, jalapeno