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psychological wellness also contribute to a health boday.effective stress management,for instance, will help to ensure ongoing good health. stress and other emotional issues can have an impact on physical health and well-being it is, therefore, necessary for health workers to understand the connection between psychological health. stress is in medical terms,the consequence of the disruptition of homeostasis through physical or psychological stimuli-the condition that results when person-environment interaction leads some one to percieve a painful discrepancy, real or biological .or psychological resource on the situation on the one hand and their social,

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Q: How does psychological wellness contribute to physical health?
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The State of optimal physical mental and social well-being?


What are the good qualities of good health individuals?

A person's wellness can be defined as the degree to which they express health and vitality in the physical, bio-chemical, and psychological dimensions of life. These individuals have the quality of constantly seeking ways to improve wellness--to get more out of life. This is very different from constantly wanting less of something negative.

State of positive biological and psychological health exemplified by quality of life and a sense of well being?


What things do you need to achieve wellness in your life?

Popular metrics of physical wellness are as follows - aerobics, strength and flexibility. A good diet is also essential to wellness.Popular metrics of psychological wellness are as follows - low stress, intimacy, self-esteem and creativity.Psychological need can negate the effects of having a healthy body and lead to gradual decay of both physical and psychological health. A happy, fulfilled individual with peer support and creative outlets is far more likely to improve themselves in whatever way they possibly can.

What is the abstract noun of health?

The word health is an abstract noun (physical wellness). The adjective is healthy.

What is abstract noun of health?

The word health is an abstract noun (physical wellness). The adjective is healthy.

Explain physical health?

First of all you spelt physical wrong and physical health is when you are basically working out at a regular schedule and eating right and staying fit etc. and when you cut down on the salty , fatty foods.

What is the combination of physical mentalemotional and social well-being?


The interaction between physical and psychological health factors is studied by?

health psychologists.

What are the five components of health?

The six components of health are:PhysicalEmotionalSocialEnvironmentalMentalSpiritualsocialmentalphysicalHEALTH

Define Health and Wellness?

health is the well being of human.this includes physical mental social status of human.